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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Salman Khan Killed One;victims Kins Still Suffer For Rs 10L

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan once again made headlines when relatives of the victim, who was killed during a mishap by the actor, moved Bombay High Court demanding their unpaid compensation.
According to sources, Nurullah Mehboob died when the drunk actor rammed his Land Cruiser into a bakery on Bandra's Hill Road on Sept 28, 2002. His car ran over the sleeping workers leaving four injured and one dead.
Salman was asked to pay Rs 19 lakh to relatives of the five victims. Mehboob's wife Farida Begum and 22-year-old son Feroz have been struggling to get their compensation of Rs 10 lakh since last ten years. However, sources informed that relatives of other victims have already collected their compensations.
The actor did not give any statement on the issue, however, sources close to him stated that Mehboob's wife and son have failed to prove their identities and thus they have not got their due payment yet.
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